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COA Selected to Participate in the Career Academies Research Grant

The Culinary Operations Academy (COA) officially opened its doors in 2002, and it has had many accomplishments in its short existence. The program currently boasts over 100 students participating in a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the Food Service/Hospitality Industry.  Concentrating on students and their advancement to post-secondary education, the success of the program can be measured by the success of its students. COA has produced many award winners in nationally recognized events, including both ProStart and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). ~Success cannot be achieved alone; it is a team effort. Thus, COA relies on the support of its many business partners. The most impressive is Outback Steakhouse’s overwhelming support and the granting of rights to construct a real world learning environment, “The Outback CAFE”, on our campus. COA also has the support of the parents and community. This is evident through the initiation of the parent/booster organization of the COA. Its sole purpose is to ensure that the program, and therefore its students, thrives on a daily basis. Led by national award winning instructor Chef Erik Youngs, the Culinary Operations Academy has proven to be a top culinary program in the state of Florida.  

The Culinary Operations Academy provides every student the opportunity for personal growth through real world and educational experiences in a caring, safe, and diverse environment. ~Stretching each student beyond expectation through a rigorous and relevant curriculum, the Academy will prepare them for a seamless transition to Post Secondary Education and adult life.

Each student leaves the Culinary Operations Academy a better and more complete person with the life skills necessary to prepare them for future challenges and their next stage of growth.
Student Outcomes
Every Culinary Operations Academy student will:
•  Graduate High School
•  Be afforded the opportunity for a Post Secondary Education
•  Be a marketable, self motivated student with a high level of self      esteem
•  Evoke a positive attitude and the transferable skills required in
    today’s diverse workplace

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