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To develop informed and responsible citizens
To develop leadership
To build character
To teach elements and requirements for National Security
To stress discipline
To respect constituted authority

Since 1775, the United States Marine Corps has enjoyed the reputation of a disciplined, reliable body of well-trained men and women. To Americans and people the world over, the Marines have come to be known as a special breed of warriors, possessing esprit de corps and a determination that places them among the elite of military forces.
That kind of reputation is not earned through the strength of numbers or the weight of technology. It is earned by the confidence on one Marine in another, from the lowest to the highest rank.
Primary among these characteristics is leadership, for without it any organization, from squad to division, lacks the unity and direction to perform effectively. The same applies to the performance of the individual and the group in civilian life. The Congress of the United States recognized this and from this recognition was born the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps.
The Chamberlain High School Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps strives to explore and develop in each student a variety of experiences that can be valuable as a Marine but in everyday pursuits as well. The study of leadership traits and techniques is stressed but, more important, each student is provided and opportunity to apply and practices their own leadership skills in many different situations. From the development of leadership skills and the discipline of self-conduct, the student is better prepared to face the challenges and obligation of citizenship.