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Welcome to the Warriors Website!


Welcome to Chamberlain's MCJROTC website. Here you can find general info on what we do and what we expect and what you can expect weither joining for the first time or are a returning cadet.

MCJROTC can be located in the 500 hall in front of the 300 hall
Monday & Fridays are PT days
Thursdays is Uniform day
Tuesday, Wednesday and thursdays are General Education days
Motivational Runs are the last monday of the month
Comradery Pt is the last friday of the month


Here at MCJROTC we expect the best and most of you and nothing less as anything less would be cheating us and yourself out of everthing you can offer us and everything we can offer you this includes:

Proper Uniform Conduct and Apperance
Respect for those who teach and mentor you
Respect for our rules and procedure
Your best effort in all that you do
Your commitment and loyalty to our program and its staff
Good Attendance

Here at MCJROTC we strive to follow the core values of the Marine Corps which include: Honor, Courage and Commitment as well as our Leadership Traits and Values which include:

Here at MCJROTC we offer Marksmanship which is a standard part of the course yet for those who excell they can join the Marksmanship team which is a rifle course in which cadets will learn the three standard firing position Prone, Kneeling and Offhand, these three firing positions will test a cadets accuracy and ablity to focus and hone into their own target weither physical or mentally.

Here at MCJROTC we also offer Recon while physical fitness is a core fundimental that we do as a standard course those are are more physically fit or simply want some more running and working out will find the Recon team a perfect home as they are always willing to push themselves to higher standards.