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Dr. Kay Myers - Program Counselor

The AP program

Chamberlain High School is proud of the extensive Advanced Placement (AP) Program offered to all qualified students. The AP Program is a partnership between high schools and colleges administered by the College Board. AP courses give accomplished academic students exposure to college-level material and skills as well as the opportunity to earn college credit through subject exams.


The Access to Excellence Award for Schools was inaugurated by the College Board’s Southern Regional Office to applaud the effort of schools in our region that use equitable access as a guiding principle of their AP Program. The award recognizes schools that exemplify the AP Program’s mission to afford all students access to excellence.

This distinguished award recognizes those schools that demonstrate commitment to providing access to AP for all students, while achieving outstanding student participation, performance and program growth. Schools nominated for the award must demonstrate increases in student enrollment as well as student achievement on the AP examinations overall and for minority students.

This was the second year for the award. After reviewing 75-100 AP Programs, 15 schools meeting the criteria were invited to submit an application. Chamberlain was selected based on the information from the initial selection criteria and the supporting application. The award was presented on February 6, 2003 during the annual Southern Regional Conference held at the Tampa Marriott Waterside.


Incoming 9th graders to Chamberlain may also apply for the CAPS (Chamberlain Advanced Placement Scholars) Program. The CAPS Program offers students a rigorous four-year academic program with the flexibility to focus on advanced courses in their areas of interest and strength. CAPS students commit to taking a minimum number of AP courses in a variety of subject areas, along with other program requirements. Acceptance into the CAPS Program is based upon a number of academic criteria. Students interested in the CAPS program must complete an application on-line through the Hillsborough County Public Schools CHOICE program. For more information visist
CAPS now have an active Parent Organization whose goal is to support both CAPS and the total AP Program at Chamberlain. Plans include providing equipment, resources, speakers, field trips, and social events for students, financial assistance for class, exam, and trip fees for needy students, and awards and recognition for CAPS and AP students. The Parent Organization will hold fundraisers with the money going to enhance and support the CHS AP Program and its faculty, and to help the students have an awesome educational experience.

For additional information on the AP Program or CAPS, contact Kay Myers - CAPS Counselor @ 813-975-7677 ext. 237

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